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Of Breath, Movement and Boxing

(for Orchestra)

Premiered by the Orchestre de l'Université de Montréal

Conducted by Lori Antounian

December 2023

Boxing has been a big part of my life, with this passion leading me to participate myself in a few amateur boxing matches, and this inspires me to convey my personal experience as a boxer. The course of this piece illustrates the actions experienced through the first round of sparring of roughly 2 minutes.

The first section emphasizes on the breathing and on the heartbeats of the boxer as he prepares mentally to confront his opponent. The boxing bell then announces the start of the fight.

The second section consists of the first-hand experience of the boxer as he moves around and throws punches as well as receives punches. The bout finally ends with the sound of the boxing bell.

The third and final section emphasizes yet again on breathings as the boxer attempts to catch his breath and to recover from the intense sport.

Concert Review

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