© Edwin H. Ng 2018


A native of Montreal, Edwin H. Ng (b. 1994) is a Canadian composer, pianist, and mathematician. His musical research aims at integrating modernistic approaches into past traditional values in order to create an original expression true to the 21st century. 

His music has been regularly performed at the Schulich School of Music where he had the opportunities to collaborate with numerous other artists, such as the Arête Duo. These privileged opportunities enable him to explore the different musical medium in developing his ideas. 

Having received a Master degree in Mathematics/Statistic at Concordia University, Edwin H. Ng is currently pursuing yet another undergraduate degree in musical composition at McGill University under the supervision of Dr Sean Ferguson. Edwin is also studying the piano under Marina Mdivani.


As a data scientist, Edwin hopes to orient himself toward using artificial intelligence to explore what this growing field has to offer in terms of the compositional process, analysis and creativity, and to expand the use of computer-assisted techniques into refining his musical style.