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Undulating Water

(for Alto Saxophone, Cello, Piano)

July 2023

"Undulating Water" is inspired by the soundscape associated with water streams. As different streams join in from multiple sources, they clash together, creating inner agitation and oscillation. The streams culminate into a huge flow that climaxes toward the middle of the piece, leading toward a calm and serene body of water such as a lake. Through the stillness of the landscape, each tiny moment, for example water droplets, have such a contemplative and meditative impact. Some residuals of the violent streams persist from time to time as tiny undulating ripples that slowly disperse away.

Flock of Seagulls Over a Fishing Boat

(for Bass Clarinet, Percussion & Violin)

June 2023

This piece was written during my stay in Lunenburg. Lunenburg is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site at the coastal end of Canada in Nova Scotia that serves as a fishing town. Inspired by the beauty of the town and of the surrounding soothing ocean waves, the aim of this piece was to recreate the soundscape associated with being on board a fishing boat. The most prominent sounds are the sound of a boat bell ringing and of a boat horn signalling through the crashing waves. However, one could momentarily abstract the chaotic noise to enjoy fresh breezes along with the calm sizzling of wave foam. This quick meditation is soon interrupted by the squawking of seagulls flying above the boat as they are attracted by the caught fishes. The wind is also blowing violently against the mast, and one could almost hear the chatter of the fishermen working together. Finally, whereas the sound of the ocean can be chaotic, its unceasing waves can also bring a state of serenity and of relaxation.

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